Recordings found in the ECS include a collection of 78 ips recordings, 33ips LP's, CD's, and tapes of saxophone music unequalled in the world. Found here are live performances of saxophonist Jean-Marie Londeix, as well as many historic recordings made by classical and jazz saxophonists from around the world. You will find sample MP3 sound clips below. SaxAme plans to release historic recordings in the future. Watch for news on the site. La collection d'enregistrements -elle aussi inégalable dans le monde- comprend: disques 78 tours, microsillons, CD et bandes magnétiques. On y trouve aussi des enregistrements "live" du saxophoniste Jean-Marie Londeix, ainsi que des enregistrements historiques de saxophonistes de musiques classique, jazz ou de varieté. Vous trouverez au-dessous des textes, des "sound clips" en MP3. En outre, SaxAmE a l'intention de faire prochainement paraître certains de ces disques historiques.
Historic Recordings

Jean Moeremans, saxophonist

Al Gallodoro, saxophonist

Rudy Wiedoeft, saxophonist

Wheeler Wadsworth, saxophonist

Performances by Jean-Marie Londeix

Concertino, Op. 25 by André Ameller

Nocturne by Conrad Beck

Hommage a Sax by René Bernier

Caprice en forme de Valse by Paul Bonneau

Cantilène et Damse by Marc Eychenne

Elegie et Rondeau by Karel Husa

Concertino da camera by Jacques Ibert

Tableaux de Provence by Paule Maurice

Legende by Florent Schmitt

mp3s prepared by
Jason Adams, Graduate Assistant
Indiana State University


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