Arminda Villa-Lobos to Jean-Marie Londeix – Unknown Month, 1984

Arminda Villa-Lobos à Jean-Marie Londeix – 1984

Jean-Marie Londeix
9, rue de Mulhouse
33000 - BORDEAUX

Dear Professor,

A lone letter was delivered to me whose address was incorrect. The correct address is Rua Siqueira Campos, 7 apt. 501 - 22031 - Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brazil.

I regret not having sent a reply to your letter from the 5th of December.

Would you please write Max-Eschig - 48, rue de Rome - Paris, to whom belong the rights to Bachianas Brasileiras No. 9. If the publisher is okay with your transcription then I will give my authorization as well.

In his youth, Villa Lobos was part of a group of popular musicians - CHOROES - and at that moment - he played the guitar, the clarinet and the saxophone as well. The idea behind his participation in this group was so that he could better understand the psychology of those people, and afterwards create his own original music within the atmosphere of his country. With that and his patriotism, most importantly his understanding of the grandioseness of its beautiful savage nature, he succeeded in composing his own music with a Brazilian timbre. Those who know his music and Brazil will remark that his country is always present in his music. I am certain that if Villa Lobos hadnŐt passed away he would be happy to write for the saxophone.

In practically every one of his orchestral works he included the saxophone in his instrumentation. Maybe you know of the work Choros No. 7, a most interesting work of chamber music, with the saxophone and the Quintette - in the form of a Choros.

Write to Max-Eschig and order a catalog so that you may have all of the information that you need.

I wish you great success, and I beg you to accept the assurance of my most cordial sentiments.

Arminda Villa-Lobos

Translation by Jennie Wood and William Street, University of Alberta



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