Edison Denisov to Jean-Marie Londeix – October 2, 1990

Edison Denisov à Jean-Marie Londeix – 2 octobre 1990

Paris  2 October 1990

My dearest friend,

I feel extremely embarassed because I haven't written anything for you since the "Concerto piccolo".  You are the greatest musician of our time, and I must that write for you - and you know I truly like the saxophone.  Your book is remarkable, and I believe it's necessary for every composer to study it dilligently.

I'm in Paris right now - I arrived here for six months worth of work (on March 21) with my wife and two children - the post is at IRCAM.  We live close to the "Daumesnil" station, and my number is: 46 28 52 49.  If you come to Paris don't hesitate to give me a call.  While I'm here I have to compose a piece for an instrumental ensemble [the group of instruments?] and computer.  It's a new field for me, and I feel a bit like a "novice" [pupil/beginner?] right now.

Because I'm free in the mornings, I avail myself of that time to write a quintet for 4 saxophones and piano - it's a piece I've promised to write for Claude Delangle for many years (I believe he's lost all hope [of ever seeing it]).  I'd like to finish it here in November/December.  The quintet interests me a great deal - I don't know if that type of quintet exists or not.  And I haven't given up hope of writing that Sonata for you.  My life (with two small children: 2 1/2 years and 6 months) is becoming very complicated, and I can't find the time to work on it right now.  I have many interesting commissions, and I haven't written anything since October 89 (almost a year ago...).  The possibility of writing for 12 saxophones interests me as well, but my life doesn't revolve around work.  The kids take up an enormous amount of time.

The "news" about the saxophone quartet doesn't correspond with the truth - I don't know Daniel Deffayet, and I never promised him the quartet.

Please excuse my long silence [Forgive me for not having written for so long] - I hope to see you here in Paris sometime soon.

Amicably yours,

E. Denisov

Translation by Alfredo Mendoza,William Street, and Jennie Wood, University of Alberta



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