Edison Denisov to Jean-Marie Londeix – September, 1984

Edison Denisov à Jean-Marie Londeix – septembre 1984

September 1984

My dear friend,

Your letter was well received, but I haven't responded until just now. Please excuse my lateness. I am so touched that you enjoy my music and that you're playing my Sonata everywhere. Thank you for that and the programs as well. I love this recording of my sonata, but if you're not satisfied I'd be happy to have a recording of an additional rendition of yours.

I have pleasant memories of our tour with the Percussionistes de Strassbourg [sic] - it's a shame that the "Concerto Piccolo" has not yet been [professionally] recorded (I have no recording of it). I received the recording of my Sonata by Ivan Roth, who plays it very well. And this summer the Sonata was among pieces performed at "Melodia", played by Marguerita Shaposhnikova. If you'd like, I can send you the recording from "Melodia".

How are you? IÕd enjoy seeing you again. CouldnÕt you perhaps come back again to our country to play other concerts? After all, it's thanks to you I have such love for the saxophone. I don't wish to "give it up", and I intend to write for it again. I mentioned earlier that I'd like to write a Concerto for saxophone and orchestra. It appeals to me a great deal. I worked hard during the summer and I've finished a Concerto for two violas and string orchestra (and two chamber works as well). In May, I organized a concert with 12 saxophones and 3 works (which were written for you) that were played in Moscow for the first time (to a full house and with great success). If you have any new recordings I would love to have copies of them. They really interest me.

You can send me the recordings via the French Embassy (c/o Mr. Phillipe de Suremain, Head of Cultural, Scientific and Technical Services). The mail service is functioning very poorly now (and even letters don't get through).


E. Denisov

Translation by Jennie Wood and William Street, University of Alberta



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