Edison Denisov to Jean-Marie Londeix – July 8, 1978

Edison Denisov à Jean-Marie Londeix – 8 juillet 1978

8 July 1978


My dear friend,

It seems I haven't yet responded to your letter of 1 June. A thousand apologies - I had many examinations at the Conservatory (my son, who is studying flute, had his as well). I'm pleased that you're playing my "Concerto Piccolo" in October. I still don't have any news from the "Percussions de Strasbourg", but I hope that all is going well with them.

"Leduc" will publish the "Concerto", and I'd like to ask that you please make the necessary corrections [to the score] before it's published (and also the proofreading of the saxophone parts). I hope you’ll agree to all of this! I'm delighted by your extensive activities in the musical world - you've made some remarkable advances, and thanks to you the saxophone has (finally) risen to its place of honour within contemporary music. You know very well how much I like the saxophone as an instrument, and I hope to write for it in the future (perhaps, with full orchestra...).

Sometime soon, I'll send you two works for saxophone quartet written by young composers from Moscow (which I like very much). I'm here in Moscow for all of July, but in August I'm going to Sortavela (to get a bit of work done). My address for August is: Karelshaia ASSR, Sortavela, Dom Kompositorov.

With all my friendship,

Your E. Denisov

Translation by Jennie Wood and William Street, University of Alberta




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