Edison Denisov to Jean-Marie Londeix – March 22, 1971

Edison Denisov à Jean-Marie Londeix – 22 mars 1971

22 III [19]71.  Moscow.

My dear friend, I thank you very much for your information.  I will soon write to Leduc.  I also received the letter from Mr. Henri Dutillemp who advised me to be “stronger” with [ed: “harder” on] Leduc and to ask for a 50% percentage of the “mechanical” rights (in addition to the flat fee).  I’m fed up with questions about rights.

I once again thought about your proposal for the second movement, and I can now sincerely say to you:

1) p.10 [ed: musical example] is a good possibility

2) p.10 [ed: musical example] is magnificent!

3) p.12 [ed: musical example] would be better replaced – if it’s possible – like this: [ed: musical example]

/if it’s not too difficult/

4) p.11 [ed: musical example] I don’t enjoy; it is better to leave it as F# [ed note: circled in the musical example is Fx].

And now, a large request of you: Can you send me the fingering for quarter-tones on alto saxophone?  A very good local saxophonist is playing this sonata now as well, but he can’t find [ed: figure out] most of the ¼ tones in the second movement.  If this isn’t too difficult for you!..  Also, if possible, the fingering of the chords that you proposed to me for the 2nd movement.

My Russian executants [ed: see Stravinsky’s The Poetics of Music for an excellent definition of the term and how it compares with “performer”] (Lev Mikhailov and Victor Durevienko) played the sonata at the meeting [ed: reunion] of our chapter of Chamber Music at the Composer’s Union and the discussion regarding the music was very favourable.

All the best,

E. Denisov

p.s.  Do you have only my manuscript copy, or do you also have the copy that I made from the high-quality draft done up by the copier?


Translation by Alfredo Mendoza,William Street, and Jennie Wood, University of Alberta



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