Edison Denisov to Jean-Marie Londeix – January 14, 1971

Edison Denisov à Jean-Marie Londeix – 14 janvier 1971

Moscow, the 14th January [19]71

My dear friend, I was very happy to receive your letter with the news.  I thank you with all my heart [ed: from the bottom of my heart] for the performance of the sonata, and I impatiently await the cassette so I can hear you.  A thousand thanks! [ed: Thank you so much!]

The new changes in the second movement are good and I am absolutely in agreement [ed: with them].

I, as well, have heard nothing from Leduc. [ed note: Publishing Company]. 

When at the biographical information [ed: archives?], I will send it to you shortly [ed: thereafter?].  There are only two articles with good analyses of my work, but they’re written in Russian, and neither are [ed: yet] published.

If you are able to record the sonata [ed: ensuite] at ORTF, I would ask that you send me a copy of the cassette – I would very much like to have a good quality recording of that piece.

With best wishes and all my gratitude,


E. Denisov

Translation by Alfredo Mendoza,William Street, and Jennie Wood, University of Alberta



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