Edison Denisov to Jean-Marie Londeix – September 25, 1970

Edison Denisov à Jean-Marie Londeix – 25 septembre 1970

Moscow 25/9/70

My dear friend, I thank you heartily for your amiable letter of August 27th, and for your invaluable advice [ed: contained therein].  It’s a shame that I hadn’t known about the existence of [ed:  the possibility of] simultaneous notes [ed: multiphonics] on the saxophone – I’ll [ed: be sure to] use them next time!  Could you write down for me the [applicature] (the fingering) of these two “chords”?

I sent the score of the “Sonata” to you via post, and I hope you received it without [WORD – difficulty?].  It is written “in C”.   I would ask you to write me with all your honest criticisms.  I’m very much interested in your opinions.  I feel that the saxophone part is too difficult.  Is this true? [ed: Am I right?]  I believe that for the performance it’s necessary to make [ed: facilitate/simplify] the groupings of eighth notes in the third movement more playable.

I have every confidence in your search for a publisher, and in this [ed: your offer of such] I am very touched.

The most important thing for me is your opinion on the work.  And I will be very [reconnaisant – grateful/accepting] of your corrections.

Most amicably yours,

E. Denisov

Translation by Alfredo Mendoza,William Street, and Jennie Wood, University of Alberta




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