Jean-Marie Londeix to Edison Denisov – April 20, 1970

Jean-Marie Londeix à Edison Denisov – 20 avril 1970

Dijon 20 April 1970


I have fond memories of our meeting in Moscow, and particularly of the marvellous piece that you had me listen to. [Ed. Note: Your] two works I have here on cassette are equally enjoyable. All of this has encouraged me to make a vow: you must write a piece for saxophone.

As promised, I've notated some of the technical possibilities of the saxophone on the attached page; I've also recorded all of these on tape (19cm/s). I've sent these two things to you in a separate mailing - I hope that they arrive shortly.

Yes! I would be honoured to play your work - to make your music known. Don't say no...the Pathé-Marconi Company (one of the largest recording houses in the West) asked me to think about a program of "new" chamber music. Your place on the recording would be guaranteed. Why not a quartet, a trio, a duet of yours? With percussion - or another combination? What's more, I would have the opportunity to play your work everywhere. I could already assure you of a premiere at the Centre de Premières Auditions in short, I can promise you that, based on the high quality of your work, I would never leave it gathering dust at the bottom of my bookshelf. I would do all within my power - in France and the United States - to ensure its wide diffusion.

I would be very pleased if you would accept my proposal.

In that hope, please believe, dear sir, in my sincere admiration and most devoted sentiments.

[Ed. Note: J.-M. Londeix]

Translation by Jennie Wood and William Street, University of Alberta



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