Paul Creston to Jean-Marie Londeix – August 22, 1977

Paul Creston à Jean-Marie Londeix – 22 août 1977


BOX 28511

22 August 77

Dear friend,

What a terrible time this recording has had! And what a mysterious voyage my RAPSODIE has sustained! But the travels of your letter – addressed to Ellensburg from which I moved in June 1976 – was even more curious.

You are right – “everything comes to one who waits” – and I might add: “all´s well that ends well”. (I couldn´t find the correct idiomatic expression in French.)

Finally, I received the tape and I have listened to it and I am very happy with your performance; it is perfect. But, unfortunately, I cannot say the same thing about the organist. The registration of the pedals is too heavy, and – it might not be their fault – one can only hear the organ when it is playing alone.

I sent a copy of the recording to Shawnee Press, the publisher.

Please excuse the tardiness of my reply. Between June 24 and July 10 we were – my wife and I – in New York to celebrate our fiftieth wedding anniversary. And your last letter arrived the 10th of August.

As soon as the RAPSODIE is printed I will send you a copy.

The RAPSODIE is about 10 minutes in length. I hope that you like it.

with friendship, admiration and thanks,

(Signed) Paul CRESTON

Monsieur Jean-Marie LONDEIX.
9, Rue de Mulhouse
33000 Bordeaux, FRANCE

Translation by Jennie Wood and William Street, University of Alberta



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